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Listed below are answers to Frequently Asked Questions we've received about our foaming hand soap refills.



Does your foaming soap have to be used in a foaming soap dispenser?
Yes, because of the consistency of our foaming soap, it is not viscous enough to be used in a standard soap dispenser and specifically requires the use of a foaming soap dispenser. Foaming soap dispensers are designed to mix air into our soap in order to produce soap foam. Our soap will simply squrt out of a standard dispenser and will not foam up.

Are there any ingredients that are added to your foaming soap to produce its soap foam?
No, foaming soap dispensers simply mix air into our soap to produce soap foam.

How does your foaming soap perform in very hard or very soft water?
If your property has very hard water, we do NOT recommend purchasing our natural foaming soap as it will react with the minerals in your water and produce a tacky feeling while washing your hands. On the other hand, if your property has very soft water, our natural foaming soap will feel more slippery than usual and will take a little longer to rinse off your hands.

Does your foaming soap need to be diluted with water in a foaming soap dispenser?
No, our foaming soap does not need to be diluted. All you need to do is pour it directly into a foaming soap dispenser and you're good to go!

Is your foaming hand soap Antibacterial?
No, our foaming hand soap does not contain any Antibacterial ingredients.

Can your foaming soap be used inside a commercial foaming soap dispenser?
Absolutely! Our foaming hand soap can be used in commercial foaming soap dispensers if they allow you to pour soap directly into the dispenser. Some branded commercial foaming soap dispensers require a customized sealed soap cartridge to be used as a refill. In this case, our soap cannot be used as you will not be able to pour it directly into your foaming soap dispenser.

Does your foaming hand soap contain Gluten?
No, our foaming hand soap is not made from any ingredients containing Gluten.

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